Friday, August 7, 2015

COEXISTENCE (2nd One-Man Exhibition by Jef Cablog)

The most awaited opening reception of Jef Cablog's 2nd solo show was held last August 6, 2015 (Thursday) from 6PM onwards at the ART CENTER, SM Megamall. Here are some photos of what transpired that evening:

from Left: Duffie Hufana Osental, Editor-in-Chief of ART+ Magazine, Nicholas Teotico, Atty. Pancho Umali representing Atty. Jose Ferdinand Rojas (Gen, Manager of PCSO), Architect Rey Mariano (Executive Designer at KKE Pte LTD, Singapore), Olga Gonzales, Rose and Tony Paner (BPI Treasurer) , Susanne Tiausas (owner of Galerie Francesca)
with collector Sir Rey Mariano from Singapore
Ma'am Rose and Sir Tony Paner, collectors of SOLEMN and TARAW 1
Mr. & Mrs. William Chua
Atty. Rory Ocampo collector of Figured Obscurity 2, 25 and 78.
RESUSCITATE | 72" x 96" | Oil on canvas | Private Collection, Philippines

DOWNSTREAM, 72" x 96", oil on canvas. Jerwin and Regina Lopez collection, Philippines
with Mrs. Olga Gonzales collector of DEWY-EYED and AMAYA 2
CHAPOR(ASH) | 48" x 60"| Oil on canvas | Private Collection, Philippines. Jef originally made the piece in portrait orientation and even signed the piece at the  lower right corner; but he eventually decided  that the final orientation should be in landscape so the piece would have an illusion that the lass is either floating or falling from above.

 "This piece is about "impermanence". It signifies that nothing is constant, every living being is subject to sickness and death, beauty fades, leaves fall, culture changes. When we learn to accept and embrace impermanence and try to adapt, only then can we appreciate this painful beauty of temporary existence".- JEF CABLOG 2015

Necklace corsage/leis I made especially for the guest of honors. (Black, red & white ribbon design is from the Ibaloi tribe of Benguet and the sunflower symbolizes Baguio, where we are currently based)

I also made the boxes for the limited edition tokens Jef designed for the guest of honors. The gold string was replaced with jute string (final version).
"COEXISTENCE" limited edition terra-cotta plaques for the guest of honors designed by Jef.
BEAUTY WITH IMPERFECTIONS. Back detail of plaque, signed by the artist later on.
BIOTIC | 48" x 60 | Oil on canvas | Joy Rojas Collection, Philippines
VITAL| 72" x 72"| Oil on canvas | Alexander Lim Collection, Philippines
IN REMISSION | 48" x 60 | Oil on canvas | Private Collection, Philippines
  MARONG-AG (BRAVE ONE) | 72" x 72 | Oil on canvas | Private Collection, Philippines
SYMBIOSIS | 48" x 60 | Oil on canvas | Brian Ilarde Collection, Philippines

PRIMAL | 72" x 72" | Oil on canvas 

For those still interested to view Jef's exhibit pieces, the show runs until Aug 11, 2015 at ART CENTER, 4th Floor, Bldg A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. As of that evening, only two of the nine exhibit pieces are available.

I would also like to take this chance to thank all those who attended especially to our guest of honors who tried to come despite of their hectic schedule and the long hours of traffic and heavy downpour that day and most especially to Ma'am Susanne and Galerie Francesca staff for doing a good job in setting up the show.

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