Wednesday, February 8, 2023

FIGURED (A Curated Group Exhibition of Black and White Works)

We are pleased to invite you to a curated exhibition of black and white works entitled “Figured”. This exhibition is a part of art Lounge Manila’s offering for Art Fair Philippines Gallery Weekend and 10 Days of Art.

Figured will run from Feb 10 - 19, 2023 at Art Lounge Manila, The Podium, Mandaluyong City. This is the full roster of artists whose artworks comprise this show: Alfred Galvez Anna de Leon Anton Del Castillo Arturo Luz Benjamin Torrado Cabrera Carlo Magno Christian Mirang Fil Delacruz Fred Tan Gerrico Blanco Herbert Pajarito Janos Delacruz Jef Cablog Juvenal Sanso Jo Uygongco Michael Cacnio Migs Villanueva Noell El Farol Pinggot Zulueta Roy Veneracion Salvador Ching Sam Penaso Suchin Teoh Tet Aligaen Yas Doctor

We will have an Artist Talk and Live Demonstration on Feb 11, 2023 at 3:00PM (Meryenda Cena) featuring Janos Delacruz - Drypoint, Collagraph & Printmaking Demonstration, Tet Aligaen - Watercolor Techniques Live Demonstration & Jo Uygongco - Guan Dai Techniques. Hope to see you there and please invite your friends and fellow art enthusiasts!

Sunday, November 13, 2022


Jef and I, love to travel and we love hiking in autumn since the colors are spectacular. Nature is where we, as artists get most inspiration from. Here are some of the many wonderful and inspiring sights we visited during our month long trip to South Korea. This trip gave us renewed energy and we both look forward to our next adventure. We'd also like to take this chance to thank those who continue to support our art.

7.2 km (to and from) walking course from the Park entrance to Geumganggul Hermitage Cave

We saw a lot of figures on a lot of rocks along the way, this is one of them.

This is the spot where we ate our lunch. It reminds Jef of his hometown Barlig, Mt. Province where he spent most of his childhood fishing.

Kissing rocks

huge Korean inscriptions on the rocks

600m ascent to Geumganggul Hermitage Cave

Very steep flight of metal stairs to the top. This high up, you'll literally go numb if you're afraid of heights.

looking up to the entrance to Geumganggul Hermitage cave which is 200m away

almost at the top
                  Jef at the entrance of Geumganggul Hermitage Cave

View at Geumganggul Hermitage Cave

On our 2019 trip, we completed the Baegundae Peak walking course which was the most difficult among all the walking trails in Bukhansan National Park. This time, we completed the Siseondae walking course and Bogukmun walking course.

SISEONDAE course - 6.4 km walking course, very steep ; taking this course gets you to the three highest peaks in the mountain, which are: Seoninbong Peak (708m), Manjangbong Peak (718), and Jaunbong Peak (740m).
view of the majestic Dobongsan Mountain from afar

There are a lot of temples along the trails. Cheonchuksa Temple is one of them.

entrance of Cheonchuksa Temple

Another human-like rock formation.

When an artist gets too inspired, he creates. 

                                                     View of Seoul city center from the peak

Taken on our descent.
Taken as the sun was setting.


6 km loop course from Jongneung entrance to Bogungmun (Gate) to Daeseongmun (Gate) then descended from there.

                       Fortress wall connecting Bogungmun (Gate) and Daeseongmun (Gate):
Baegundae peak in the background which we completed back in 2019:

5 km walking course to Maecheondae Summit which is 878 m high.

                                                                         Cloud Bridge

                                                                   Very Steep stairway

                                                Macheondae Peak Tower in the background

 Donghaksa Walking Course- 8.8km to and from Gwaneumbong Peak.

After accomplishing very long hikes, Jef would still find time to create even during our rest days. This was taken in one of our accommodations in Daejeon. 

This was about an hour travel by bus from our hotel in Daejeon and we didn't have enough time to hike up to Mujangdae Peak which is 6km (one way) so we just strolled around the 2km nature trail around Beopjusa Temple.

We found a lot of rock and stone assemblages like this in majority of hiking trails in Korea. A hiker adds a rock or stone as they pass by. Jef would also do the same.

                                                     Another human-like rock formation.

                                              This forest had a "Sleepy Hollow" vibe to it.

BUSAN: 6 km hike

On this trip, Jef wanted an art medium that is easy to carry during our hikes and easy to dry. Jef experimented with gouache which is similar to water color but more opaque. This is one of the colored sketches he finished during this trip:

                                               Evanescent II, 12" x 9", Gouache on paper, 2022


Halla Arboreteum

                           An alligator-like volcanic rock formation beside Yongduam Rock

                                                                  Yongyeon Pond

          Sanbangsan Mountain, Sanbanggulsa Cave Temple and Bomunsa Temple:

Cavities or hollows called Tafoni created by cavernous weathering of the interior of rock outcrops and boulders. 

Cheonjeyeon Falls: 

Stone pillars formed from the cooling of lava as it flows in a body of water

                                                                      Seonimgyo Bridge

                                   A paddling of ducks cooling from the midday heat.

                                                                           Jeongbang Falls:

                        Odolgae/ Lonely Rock, another unique volcanic rock formation

Jusangjeolli Cliff - rock pillars shaped like cubes or hexagon formed due to stress while the lava cools as it flows to the sea or ocean.


Manjanggul Lava Tube Tunnel Cave: 2km walking course 

A giant lava column formed when volcanic lava flows from a hole in the upper portion of the cave. It is the tallest lava column (7.6m) in the world that has been discovered as of yet.

Bijarim Forest:

Love tree - formed as two trees intertwined

                                                  Seongsan Ilchulbong Volcanic Cone

                                             Seongsan Ilchulbong Volcanic Cone crater

Saryeoni Forest Path: 10 km walking course

If you're wondering, we visited all these amazing sites on our own and without seeking assistance from travel guides/agencies. Yes, it can be difficult and confusing at times getting to and from each site but we were able to achieve it with intensive research/preparation and with the help of online and offline maps like Google and Kakao Maps. Only do so if you're confident with your preparations and navigations skills.