Thursday, October 2, 2014


Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong's second edition was again held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hall 3D and 3E last March 21 to 23, 2014, where 121 galleries from all over the world showcased artworks of more than a thousand artists. Aside from the regular panel discussions and panel talks, the organizers also proudly launched the “Under HK$10,000 Wall”, as part of their mission to showcase art for every budget, which highlighted a collection of artworks from various participating galleries. 

Here are some photos Jef and I took during the Private View which was held last March 20, 2014, which opened at 6:00 in the evening:

AAF’s banner at the lower ground floor lobby.

The stupendous installation “Love Me!” by Choi Jeona Hwa, a 5-meter pink pig with wings which slowly inflates and deflates, resembling a breathing animal and a symbol of health, wealth and happiness.

Booth C15 of Galerie Francesca. Jef’s two big pieces with Mig’s Villanueva’s artworks on the right.

Precy Pineda and Lodi Manongdo, Galerie Francesca’s representatives.

With Ms. Susanne Tiausas, gallery owner.

With Hong Kong-based Filipino artist Allan Flores.

Another curious guest, closely examining Jef’s textures.

With Jef’s Hong Kong based collectors Fabrice Figaret and Kristy Cho, taken after our lunch meeting at the nearby Grand Hyatt Hotel last March 22, 2014. They acquired “Glimpse”, 60" x 48", oil on canvas at the Fair we also participated the previous year.
Taraw (Star) 3, 60” x 48”, oil on canvas, Jeanne Sy Krebs collection, Philippines
Lush, 48” x 48”, oil on canvas, Ferdie Hernandez collection, Philippines

Here are some of my exhibit favourites done by other artists:

A sculpture by Filipino artist Michael Cacnio at Utterly Art (Singapore), booth F01.
3D Printed Sculpture by Eric Van Straeten (Holland), 25 x 25 x 20cm at State-of-the-Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), booth B16.
“The Monk” series by Thailand artist Widsanupong Noonan.
"Large Horsechestnut branch",  ceramic and pewter by Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart

3D Printed Sculpture by Eric Van Straeten (Holland) at State-of-the-Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), booth B16.
“Nyllen” by Johan Thunell, 15 x 10 cm each, ceramics at Villa del Artes Galleries (Spain), booth D08.

Artworks by Christian Pendelio of State-of-the-Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), booth B16.

Sumo Sculptures by Artheline Arnaud and Adeline Nazare-Aga
Puss”, Acrylic on ice cream sticks by Jong Kyung Park at Gallery Namu (Seoul, South Korea), booth C11.

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