Monday, October 28, 2013


Back in early October we were invited by Mr. Enrique Herbosa to visit his recently renovated home in Makati to formally meet him and to visit Jef's newly installed oil on canvas painting “TRANQUIL” (60” x 84”) in its new home. Since we were on our way to attend the Gala Night of Manilart at SM Aura in Taguig we decided to have a quick visit.

Mr. Herbosa was very hands-on in the design and planned every aspect of his new home. He has already alloted an entire wall for a Cablog painting when he planned the lay-out of his house. 

(Above) The black accent wall where “Tranquil” will eventually be hung. Photo was  taken back in May during the renovation of his home. Photo courtesy of Mr. Herbosa.

During our brief conversation, he emphasized how this piece completed and tied everything up in his home like it’s the heart and head of his creation. The piece is the last thing he sees when he leaves his home for work and the first thing he sees when he gets home. The painting’s vivid colors relates a lot to his personality and has two of his favorite colors, turquoise blue and purple.

At the entrance foyer. Photo courtesy of Mr. Herbosa

(Above) Newly installed “Tranquil” in early October.

Most of the items in his home are various memorabilia from his travels abroad. He has also collected various paintings/sculptures from Filipino artists, Peru, Russia, Indonesia and Thailand. Although he said he is more of a collector or the “appreciative type”, Mr. Herbosa also paints during his free time and his training in interior design was useful when he had his home renovated. His artistic inclination came from his Lola Pepang. He also showed us three paintings by her displayed in the dining area.   

“Purple Scent," a 48” x 36” oil on canvas is his first Cablog collection.  He thinks that the piece has a universal quality that everyone can relate to it. When he first saw the piece, it reminded him of the indigenous people he saw when he travelled to Peru. He noticed the similarity of their beadwork and textile designs with that of the indigenous people especially in the northern region of our country. He also emphasized how he loves Jef’s bold choices of color. “Hindi ka takot gumamit ng kulay," he added. 


(Above) Jef & I and Mr. Herbosa with Purple Scent and three of his grandmother Pepang's paintings at the back.
Our visit was cut short when we had to say our quick goodbyes as we were about to go to the art fair. We seldom meet our clients but it always feels good to get to formally meet them, to have a chance to see Jef's paintings again in their homes, hear good stories of people who visited their homes and appreciated Jef's art and his talent, and know how much they value his work.

Thank you for welcoming us to your lovely home Mr. Herbosa.